Monday, January 14, 2013

52 week post

I've neglected this blog for about a year...many things have happened. We got married in March!! I graduated from college in May and Victoria finished her first year of school, we had a fantastic summer vacation with my family in Puerto Rico, had a first birthday for our little Gabby and many other wonderful memories and events throughout the year. I've decided to start back up partly because I got a really cool camera for my graduation and want to dedicate time to learning to use it. Previously I've used 35 mm manual cameras and loved to develop my own film and prints but that becomes super expensive and a darkroom is hard to come by these days. I found a great this cool 52 week photo challenge by Paint the Moon through a fb friend and decided to give it try on here since I don't have their editing sets (unfortunately). of course i'm behind two weeks already but anyone who knows me knows that procrastination is a gift of mine. I work well under pressure and since I don't have school to do that for me I think this project will do for now :)